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Well first off it's understandable why they kicked you, you pulled for when (for whatever reason) they weren't quite ready which is something most players will find annoying. Maybe one of the players was afk or maybe one of them had scavenging and wanted to grab the droid follower at the start and you were rushing forward preventing them from doing that.

Secondly by naming them what do you hope to achieve? I like many others are not going to update our ignore lists because you say so. And from the information you provided it doesn't look like they did anything wrong.
Ready or not, pull or not, no1 was making me aware of whatever reason was holding them back... And even if it was a reason of a language barrier it's no excuse because there was no attempt at telling me " look dude we're doing this and that " in english,or in their language, if that was the problem.

For example today in athiss again i had to tutor a healer who was running out of the prophet's room when the flames went after him, and we all know what happens when one enters/re-enters that room during fight..

But I stood there telling him what's wrong and why without making a fuss and most definetly without a gratitious kick and eventually we got through.

If they gave me a half-assed warning of stuff I would've stopped doing that, but no, you don't just kick people out of the blue..

Just posted this not for the kick in itself , but for the way it was given.