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The biggest problem with the Vanguard and defense is that when your defense chance happens it interrupts anything you're doing. From channels to even a simple attack like Hammer Shot or Gut. I've experienced some ridiculous things like Full Auto where I dodged for about 2.5 seconds, and only got off .5 seconds worth of damage from it. It doesn't stop the channel when you're channeling it simply stops you from doing your attack. The absolute worst thing that has happened to me was during a gut. The animation goes, pull out knife, then swipe. I pulled out my knife, dodged and I never got the swipe, so I lost 2 ammo and did nothing. On the other hand I've also experienced awesomeness with dodge, where I'd have taken a hit that would've done 7k on me, and I dodged it 2 times in a row (I'm low on hp for the tough end game content as a vanguard, I'm slightly above 21k, where I should be more like 25K).

This is why Vanguards stack Shield, Absorb over Defense. The numbers most prescribed are no more than 15% defense, as for shield chance and absorb chance I've no idea I'm still not quite sure. I've heard people say at least 50% of each I've heard people say get closer to 60% for both.