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02.08.2013 , 04:02 PM | #4
When I go into a sub 50 flash point, I expect bad players. It's bound to happen because, A) The group will most likely be made up of people that are new to the game. B) Higher chance F2Pers will be there, and they might not have the unlock for orange/purple gear, which gimps them and the group.

So yeah...there will probably be many mistake pulls, tanks who que as DPS then act like a tank anyway(which will annoy the person who is actually set in the tank role), 'healers' who're actually spec'd as DPS that can't keep anyone up, etc. But I deal with the blows because most sub 50 flash points can be done with even the worst of groups. The only point I will leave/vote kick is when someone starts being rude, or ninja loots everything.