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Concealment dps - 1802 dps - HATRED - title

heres a post of our last semi alt title run kill, my operative perspective again but this time concealment, so people can stop saying concealment ops cant dps, just need to do it right and dps is just fine... Torparse is top 3 best Dps behind a PT and my other alt marauder 1805 dps (complete fights), so yeah next time someone say ops cant dps, show them this link or my other video in lethality.


PD: also doing a real strat not trying to find exploiting strats or using H.moment or cheap stuff, Hatred style, legit titles :P
20% damage from adds.
When you do the 1750 single target benchmark smurf and I set, I'll stroke it.

Operatives have some of the best AoE in the game, irregardless of spec.
For laughs, heres the highest DPS on server on TFB-
And guess what? No one cares. It's a stupid number, in a largely irrelevant setting because all of the pve fights in this game are mind numbingly easy. Come do some ranked sometime by the way Carl.

Edit: This strat lends itself to letting two dps accrue almost all of the damage on the adds, rather than splitting it more evenly (therefore also reducing risk of aggro pull, into death).
Using a broken strat, that puts more strain on every member of the raid isn't a "legit" strategy. It's a stupid strategy.
Clicking isn't good, operative AoE is epic, Opf is trolling forums again.