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02.08.2013 , 03:41 PM | #250
Something to consider that just happened to me. HEY BW you might want to add this to your Cartel FAQ.

The credit card purchases generate a check against the card for funds. To do this they charge the card 1$. Now when the trasaction is completed they refund the dollar but it can take, and usually does, upto 30days to get that dollar back.

So if you are like me and had a giftcard with 11.47 on it and you attempted to purchase cartel coins that cost 10.65 with said card you will never be sucessful. After they charge the dollar to check for funds i now do not have enough for the purchase, the transaction fails. So I now will spend the rest of my money on something other than Cartel Coins. Oh by the way I did not dicover this till i had made 7 attempts over a period of days based on instruction from the FAQ to wait a day for the possible reset of transaction for another purchase. So currently BW has 7 dollars of my money that i have to wait for them to return. Yeah they charge a dollar each time i attempted it. lesson learned.