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Phantom Menace is actually my favourite Star Wars of all time. I was about 6 when I saw it and it hooked me into the franchise. I actually loved Jar Jar as being a child his comedic actions really appealed to me. I think because of that I still find him quite funny. On top of that, Darth Maul was as menacing a character as there could have been, but I loved him because of it. My fanboyism went to such extremes that when my parents gave me the original trilogy for that Christmas they signed it as 'Darth Maul'. I actually turned to them and exclaimed "Did Ray Park send this?"

Looking back though, I can still appreciate the Phantom Menace with more adult views.
The political intrigue was just about comprehended as a child but I can appreciate it a lot more as a plot device as an adult/teenager. It's a lot smarter than any of the Originals which in comparison had the lines of good and evil very distinct.
The CGI and cinematography was excellent for it's time and still holds up today. The ground Battle of Naboo is still my favourite scene of the movie. The music, the sounds and the images all tie together so well and it's like that for most of the movie.
The characters are complex (and acted well) which certainly wasn't appreciated as a child, since I spent more time with my OOM/Darth Maul action figures than Obi-Wan. For example, Shmi brings to the table a mother's perspective which has never been seen in the Star Wars universe. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon show very different outlooks showing different Jedi perspectives and Jar Jar just wants to find his place in the world.

So yep, give me the Phantom Menace any day.