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02.08.2013 , 03:24 PM | #1
Starting flashpoint, no-talk, takearound 5 minutes to kill the first batch of droids before slicing the elevator and coming down - something that usually takes 30 seconds... kill the first batch of yozusk or whatever they're called cuz healer was backing me up while tank and the other DPS were taking the scenic route or something, don't know.

Tank, Healer and other DPS stood ages staring at the explosive cache which I already collected.

Being a tank that somehow was put in dps role I decided to advance on 2nd batch of yosusk and without the back-up didn't last long. got kick vote, and before realizing what was going on, i was out.

Naming because of the lack of a valid reason to kick and because if they wanted to take the scenic route they just needed to say so, and I would've gone along with it,..

Server Red Eclipse