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Why do Elites, Champions, and loot chests found on planets above Level 35 drop green gear?

Come on! By the time a character has reached Level 35 it is most likey wearing a full suite of mod-able gear. As is its favorite companion. Maybe two companions are wearing a bunch of mod-able gear by now; you know, the healer and the tank. You can buy the mod-able gear that a toon needs from the GTN for (almost) reasonable prices. So what gives?

What I want to see dropping as loot at this stage of the game is "blue" mods. An occasional "purple" crafting schematic would be nice as well. So would the addition of, say, 1000 credits. But, please, don't make these mods the low-level ones that are suitable for the starting-level of a planet. That's no reward for all that effort. No, please make those mods suitable for the end-level of a planet.

Once a toon has reached Level 35 green gear is junk.
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