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OK good we pritty much on the same page.

my underlying point tho is that at the beginning of this thread several people said raiting not percent that matters.

This in actually incorrect i suspect for every class but certinally for focus and vigilance. The reason is that as your gear inproves giving you more crit from strength you are able to reduce the amount of raiting you need and increase power.

the most noticible DPS improvements i have seen are when i am able to swap out a crit mod for a power one while keeping my crit % the same.
Mostly on the same page except for this. There is no logical reason why 32% is arbitrarily better than 35%. DR for crit from crit rating and from strength are completely separate.

Maybe at some point you were a little high on crit rating which is why you saw benefits in dropping it for power, but it makes no sense to me to say that 32% is just flat better than 35%. In any case I doubt you'd see noticeable differences in upgrading just a mod or two, especially on a spec as proc-based and streaky as vigi.
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