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You can't just "take away the lightsaber." It's part of the equation. The Warrior uses the Force just as much as the Inquisitor, but in more subtle ways, obviously: strengthening attacks, improving defense and, of course, the ever-useful Force Choke. The Inquisitor is certainly more flashy, but he's also pretty much a one-trick pony: lightning, lightning, lightning. Of course, in the actual lore, we know that the delineations of class as a game construct mean absolutely nothing.

Malgus was capable of incredible feats of strength when he allowed the Dark Side to fully take him. Kao Cen Darach was very likely Malgus' better in melee combat, having many years of experience, and he was able to not only hold off two Sith at once, but actually strike down one of them. When Malgus finally got pissed off, that's when his true power came out, and he pretty much shrugged aside everything the Jedi threw at him.

The warrior isn't just some guy who picks up a lightsaber and gets pretty good with it. He's actively using the Dark Side (or, I guess just the Force to be inclusive of Light-side Warriors) in combat. That's why the resource is called "Rage." The warrior's rage fuels his use of the Force. You can't simply count him out because he "just uses a lightsaber."

For the debate at hand, I'd side with the Emperor's Wrath. The Emperor's not a moron. He's going to make sure that his Wrath is the most skilled combatant in the Empire. I'll take that over a Sith whose power depends on the continued support of Force Spirits who are no longer bound to do his bidding and can depart at any time they want.
I kept my ghosts >:3 BUSTIN' MAKES ME FEEL GOOD.
Anyway, if we are talking DS Nox I don't think he/she would just let those ghosts go. And I assume Nox could get more if he/she wanted.

That being said I'd have a hard time believing that the Emperor's Wrath wouldn't be able to take out a Dark Council member if they had to. I mean, it's kind of in the job description. Wouldn't be much of a right-hand man if you couldn't keep those pesky sith in line!

I could totally see Nox being all sneaky with their ghostbusting and get all lolpowerful enough to take out Wrath if they really wanted to, but I think atm that Wrath > Nox. The fight would probably be a close one though.

EDIT: g-h-o-s-t-i-e-s ended up being censored for some reason. wat.
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