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Obi Wan let the discipline cloud his judgement, that's why he failed.

No, he said he wait for years but in truth he never knew Satine before he met Viszla.
That is not what i meant.... and its not what Maul meant either... sad you didnt understand what Maul said...
He tells obi that never meant for Obi wan to be killed, but to suffer. Only when he understood that satine holded meaning for him, then satines fate was set. Only way to save her was to kill maul and savage and the remaing death watch and his army, even with anakin there... either way Obi wan didnt know.

But about obi wan i belive its the oposite it was his discipline, or rather i think his nature that saved him from falling to the dark side or worst. And how is judgement was clouded? he never lost perspective of what he was, or what satine meant for him. If he enraged himself like Maul wanted he then would have the mind clouded. And satine would be dead all the same.

Also i must say Maul got enraged so badly because Obi wan was telling the truth, and was hiting a vulnerable spot of Mauls. That shows clarity not miss judgment in my opinion.
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