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I don't understand what obi-wan did wrong. everything he did was logical he did not ask anikan for help because he did not need it, at the time he did not know that it was a trap let alone a trap made by 2 sith.
Yeah he didn't need it, so we saw Satine came back alive right?

He knew

1. Satine lost Mandalore
2. Crime families are involved.

Which means it's much more serious than last few times.

He slipped in and got her out so easily if maul had not been there and waiting they would have gotten away no problem. No amount of groveling on obi-wan's part would have stopped maul from killing her. maul killed her simply to hurt obi.
Easily? He was already exposed after that guard found him, and Maul did not attack before Twilight's crash.

Maul was trying to torture her at the beginning, he was enraged later then killed her.