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Would be kind of neat if the gear itself couldn't be crafted (but still RE'd for applicable mats) and schematics were boss drops from the Ops content. "BoE" schematics, so that the schematic itself could be sold. Doesn't fix the problem of selling on the GTN and having other people "steal" the schematics, but I'd like to hope BioWare is trying to address that problem in any case, because the current situation is *wrong*, even if it kind of works.

That would let the monopolizers try to rake in the credits, and would give other groups clearing the option of breaking up the monopoly if they choose to take it. It would also make getting schematics to the appropriate crafting alts easier.

There's not enough replay value in BW's current content to spam to the point that everyone is BIS with the current stock gear drops.

If they're going to keep the "you can finish this in 2 hours" stuff, they need to keep the current crappy stock gear and craftable mods to keep a balance between reason to raid and burnout prevention.

Much longer, less linear raids that drop 1 piece per slot per run and itemized right from the get-go would be a pretty amazing change but I'm not holding my breath. Maybe it's more "old school" or less "casual friendly", but I'd be all for such content. Even better if there are multiple paths leading to multiple upgrades (e.g. 4 or 5 mini-raids-within-a-raid, each with multiple bosses which each drop a particular slot's item, with main slot drops on the last boss of each mini-raid, culminating with the most valuable drops (main/offhand) from the final boss). Maybe too EQ/WoW/MMOofChoiceHere-like, but would be a nice balance between time investment, variety of content, and replay-without-burnout.

While I'm dreaming, can I get a pony, too?
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