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Yes, you are correct. This can be done, it's not an exploit and certainly won't work if you have the ball nor will it work if you are in combat (hence why you stated it doesn't work as well in huttball). The operative talent you are looking for is Ghost in the concealment tree. Fight or flight for scrapper scoundrels.
Thanks for finding that. I think it's a neat trick and certainly help out in Huttball if you find yourself alone in the pit or coming out of the spawn.

I just think a lot of people focus on the leaps in Huttball because they are the most obvious. Kolto Bomb for example is an AoE 50% slow that also heals your team and puts a healing buff on them. It's on a 6 sec CD with the set bonus and is pretty cheap on ammo. That's a pretty useful ability. commandos also have the ability to use an instant mezz which is great for the fire trap.

A Sniper/Slinger in cover on the top catwalk will shred the ball carrier especially if they have Entrench/Hunker Down Up. Leg Shot, Flashbang plus 2 KB's one with a root attached is great for stoping ball carriers as well.

Leapers and such may be great for moving the ball but there are plenty of classes that are great at stopping them too. Not everyone can play offense. Play to your classes strengths and you'll do great. Also, please for the love of the Force stop giving them something to leap to .
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