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Simmer down guy. So I blanked on the stealth thing for Operatives/Scoundrels. My bad. I've seen a video of an Op running around the fleet going in and out of stealth and using sneak to gain a speed boost.

I was mainly pointing out there are classes that don't have the abilities that were listed in the OP but still have other useful abilities you just have to know when to use them.
Yes, you are correct. This can be done, it's not an exploit and certainly won't work if you have the ball nor will it work if you are in combat (hence why you stated it doesn't work as well in huttball). The operative talent you are looking for is Ghost in the concealment tree. Fight or flight for scrapper scoundrels.

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Exiting stealth mode now finishes the cooldown of Sneak, and Sneak can now be used out of stealth mode, increasing movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds. In addition, Cloaking Screen no longer reduces healing dealt and received.