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They are asking overgeraed people for easy content. If it was reasonable by "default", just because they can ask for that (no one denies that) they wouldn't be looking for validation on public forums.
They are asking that because everytime they do rather than getting serious responses they get people saying, 1800 main stat for TFB SM is retarded, you can do that in tion gear, the OP is thinking that maybe 1800 was too high of a requirement, not trying to validate what requirement they are asking for their pugs to have to join raids.

Also keep in mind if you run with your guild all the time they could easily carry someone with 1200 main stat through anything short of EC NMM/TFB HM, but a pug is a random chance on being good or bad, asking for 1800 is bascially saying, have you played enough at lvl 50 to at least know how to get some decent gear ?