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Space is way to easy and quite boring I must add. I really wish they would've done a more free roaming space than this rail shooter and rehashed levels. But it is what it is.

Like others have expressed, it is all about having the correct upgrades for the level your character is and the level of space mission you choose. When you click on the mission it usually says in the description before accepting it what level of upgrades you should want to have for it.

Also as Darevsool said, those Tier 2 Crafted upgrades are a bit better than the Tier 3 ones you get from the vendor.
You also want to get those commands from the Fleet Comms Vendor that is standing behind the Star Ship Upgrade Vendor in the Fleet. They do help out when in a pinch and make the missions even easier than they already are.

One thing you want to also focus on is getting all the Bonus Missions as you do them. They give you more credits and XP. Especially the ones that do not get listed in the upper right of the screen as you are doing the missions. Those would be the ones where you destroy the Bridge of the Capitol Ships and the lower Antenna on the enemy Space Stations.

Also what SteelPiranha suggest about checking your latency is something to look at. It could very well mess with your ability to play the missions.
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