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Most people don't care about the baddies in lowbies. Lowbie pvp is just simply less stressful. If you just want to BS and have some fun, go do lowbie pvp. Why? Because you don't spend 90% of the game *********** stunlocked or chain rooted/slowed and you don't get blasted for 6-7k every encounter. TTK isn't absurd and burst is reasonable. At most you'll see high 4k bursts and that's rare.
how is it less stressful, when after you fought for a node, took it, first you want to guard, but there are 4 people on it, so you leave, 3 defenders left, 30 sec later when you fight on other node, you see all 3 of them ran away from node because defending is boring (and of course enemy capped it)? or my favourite, defender ran away from node, because he didn't want to die

huttball is a different story...
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