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Isn´t it fun when you actually have to do Ops to get the Ops gear
To me ops are the reason to get gear; I really don't see the reason to get gear if someone isn't doing ops. Of course I don’t care if they have it either, especially since some raider “should” have made the credits off them.

But no it isn't that much fun if:

1. all crewskill, but biochem is made null and void.
2. You get new gear and it is worthless because of any resemblance to optimization is thrown out the window.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do operations to show off my gear, I do them because I enjoy doing them. I will go on anything any time and do any role with the guild. Even though all runs outside of my progress group are not going to net me any upgrades. I do however want when I am up and what should be an upgrade dropping, I want it to be an upgrade, even if I have to spend a few credits to make it so.