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You're assuming that these are all new players, which is surely not true. Why would ppl twinking their 10th toon not know how to PvP?
At the same time, it doesn't mean there are not BAD players in 50 as well. Maybe they just have more abilities to spam randomly while not playing the objectives, but they are still there.

That said; I do think sub-50 is worse balance wise You want to complain about scrappers/concealment from level 40-50? Go play one prior to level 40. lol

I've been recently leveling my Pub side toons. I think I am going to get them all to level 40 with capped comms along with the level 40 PvP armor already bought, and then I am going to augment the level 40 gear and keep it up to date since I about have all the crafting skills to 400 now, then it will be PvP with them each until they max out on ranked and regs. Debating on the last quest accept for a level 50 in sub-50 party along with getting a recruit set ready to go. Totally balanced BTW. Nothing to see here.