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No smashers, because annihilation is better for lowbie (for marauder), bubble stun to be good needs level 47 (so you have good healing and bubble stun), sins killer's hybrids need 48L too to be at full capacity.
that leaves us with PT pyro who are deadly on lowbie, but not so common for some reason, snipers who bolster nicely, and operatives who are rare to the bone. (and rep equivalents).

so no, lowbie is not fun. it's filled with baddies, ignorance, lack of intrest in winning (I'll get my exp any ways so why bother) and any teamplay.

only 2 kinds of people might enjoy it.
1. good players who like destroying single targets and to change the game course by them selves (which is an illusion, since it's only possible on lowbie as oponents are usualy bads)
2. bads with tunnel vision who can't see how bad they are and how their badness cost team score. (ignorance is a bliss right?)

ofcourse that's to be expected, as lowbie is a training ground, I don't expect anything else there and I'm not being an elitist, I'm just stating fact about that bracket.

oh, and premades on lowbies are more deadly. 4 coordinated dps with experience can win a warzone even with 4 ******* as team mates.
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