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Lol. You deviant, you. And after looking at some of the records on here, I'm shocked you keep track of it so well, Zab. But now I also have to wonder what is and what isn't legitimate. Know what I mean?
Indeed, the records list is not always easy to keep up to date on. I frequently make minor errors that I end up correcting later. The error I make most often is for example, if someone has a new overall damage done record, I'll put it there, but forget to factor it into my server comparison section, since that section is always changing every time there is a record put in a certain six categories. There's also times where I get the class wrong, or even the screenshot link. I'm glad to see my work is appreciated though .

I have a few tricks I used before to determine the validity of a screenshot. depending on what category it was. Now that this has been introduced to the mix though, I'll have to check screenshots for evidence of photo tampering as well...
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