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You also seem to be making the assumption that killing of Dark /Jedi Council members is the primary way of measuring how the war is going which I would strongly dispute.

What about the entire fleet the Pubs lose on Taris? Or the task force that the SI destroys as a weapon test? The loss of the Republic High Command to the Wrath - to make that even worse if you pick LS options the Empire "acquires" the technology that - according to the high command will revolutionise warfare and make it impossible for the other side to prosecute the war. The SI arms an entire fleet with one shot kill super weapons.

The Empire has been kicked out of the Core Worlds and as you correctly point out lost a lot of Dark Council members in exchange they gain a lot of very promising tech (The Imprisoned One, Belsavis, Wrath on Taris, The Silencer Project, The Black Codex) and the Republic loses a lot of starships, technology (bear in mind the entire JK first act is about finding and destroying the Pub's super weapon programme) and personnel (the entire special forces division for a start).

So in summary I would argue the Republic has an advantage at the moment but it cost them a lot and if the Empire's efforts to "acquire" advanced tech begin to pay off in the field this advantage could well prove to be extremely transitory - especially considering the cost in material and personnel they paid to gain it.