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Quote: Originally Posted by itsmymillertime View Post
Faster Dailies:

Belsavis: IMPS
Ilum: IMPS
Black Hole: PUBS
Section X: IMPS
^^Mostly Agreed

I don't notice any considerable difference in the time it takes me to do Belsavis on either side.

Rep side Ilum just feels like a zig-zagging travelling nightmare with a damn cave of doom at the end whereas Imp side has a more logical questing route which eliminates most of the backtracking required. That said I usually solo the Rep heroic and skip the Imp one.

Black Hole I don't see much of a difference especially since they improved the respawn on the gerbils. I do find EOT easier to solo, CtS requires a strategic death on my part to get through the first room.

Section X is not remotely fun for me on either side but Rep is slightly worse because of the overly large dungeons with speedy respawn timers.