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because there is no smash or bubblestun. Seems like an easy fix then for lvl 50 pvp. Right?
Oh there are plenty of smashers, they just don't hit ridiculously hard unless you come across one in the 40's, and even then they might hit 4k if they are well geared (most are not). I go high endurance when leveling though so 4k is meh to me when I waltz into a wz with 15k hp at level 25 lol.

But for the most part, yes, lowbies are much more fun/relaxing imo because there are way less annoying aspects that happen normally in 50's and because bubble stun is so high in the lightning tree you don't see many bubble stunners because hybrids just arn't feasible in lowbies unless you are 40+. I've been pretty much just leveling a bunch of alts and only doing the pvp daily on my main. Don't really have any interest in doing any extensive amount of 50 pvp till they fix smash/bubble stun (be nice if they fixed resolve to but I doubt that will ever happen).