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Both of these exist in lowbie PVP. People are just bad so you think it is fun because they don't know their classes or use their most annoying specs to the fullest. Any decent PVPer rolls over everyone in lowbies, so yes if you want easy games just twink a toon, stay at level 49 by leaving right before games end!!
not really. since lowbie is populated by levels 10-49, and stun bubble is fairly high into a bad spec tree (4th tier), you don't find many sages/sorcs with the capability/desire to stun-bubble.

guardians/juggs do tend to put out decent dmg, especially those in their 40s, so I assume they're focus/rage. I have more hp than most tanks, so it's hard to say how hard they're hitting in lowbie compared to 50s w/o parsing. it may be of interest (perhaps just an anomaly on my server?) that the sents/maras in lowbie are kind of a joke in comparison to the tanky AC. there are a few plausible reasons for that, however.
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