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I'd be less inclined to take them in that scenario. Mainstat is better than power on a 1:1 basis for all classes (within the current gearing range), so when someone augs for Power it's a sign they haven't done their homework well enough.
Actually that only applies when you have a +% main stat boost from the tree. Without that, Power comes out ahead on Bonus Damage but doesn't increase Crit at all. With a +9% main stat boost they are within a few points of Bonus Damage but the main stat gives crit as well. That said, this only applies to Sentinels and Shadows, everyone else has a bonus to main stat.

My biggest thing here is that they have optimized for SOMETHING so they understand more than someone that uses stock gear and it shows they have tried to better themselves. Whether or not I agree with their method of optimization is an entirely different argument.
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