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02.07.2013 , 11:55 PM | #291
I received this message in my PM box yesterday in regards to the orb...I don't know the person and don't know what it means. Perhaps nothing? I wonder.. It came in this format.

The orb is a gateway to something more. You will find it where they scream together in the darkness of your mercy.

The Rogue
Doesn't the amulett say something like "Forces everybody near you to scream" ? and I would consider the cave as rather dark and TFB as a mercy of some kind.
So assuming the message isn't a troll and is really there to help us finding out what the Orb is all about it tells us to further investigate the cave where the entity spawns. Has somebody allready tryed to use the orb in the Entity Cave? Maybe, and thats just guessing to this point, it turns the player you use it on in a gate of some kind and you get in a completely hidden room. Would be cool to be able to kick the last 3% out of the TFB instead of letting it fly back in the Hypergate ;-)

Has somebody else got this strange message? Where you the one the instance was belonging to when beating the entity?