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In response to Rorkiy's words about Mind Walkers I would just like to clarify a few things.

We may not be classified as a 'hard core' raid or PvP guild. This is because of a few key factors. Most boil down to our fundamental guild/community ideals.
We don't have 'raid teams' that are locked to a select 8 players. We have an active raid register on our web site that members can register for the raids we have set over the coming weeks. this raid list is updated from week to week. This allows all members the chance to experience raids and have some fun in the guild. We generally run 1 'beginner/intermediate' raid a week and a harder one on our second raid night. This being said we generally have 4-6 players that will be there for 80% of our raids. We also don't believe in raging at ppl that may make a mistake or agro mobs. Its all about having fun.

As far as PvP is concerned we have a group of dedicated PvP'ers that take it very seriously. As of yet we don't run regular ranked nights as at times its difficult to get a team make up you want as some of our members are from different time zones/have different schedule's. We are working on regular PvP nights to start kicking it off.

Some guild info you may be interested in.
1. We are a progressive raid guild currently working on HM EC and TFB. (also running nightmare kp for bell hats :P)
2. Most nights we will be fielding 1-2 normal pvp groups as well as lowbie teams with alts/new players.
3. We are very laid back and easy going, but don't tolerate ppl raging on guildies. Its all about constructive help to improve the other members game.
4. We use Teamspeak 3 and have a web page -
5. This is a game after all and we are here to have fun.

We may or may not be the guild for you but feel free to check out the web site and best of luck in your journey to Dalborra. Happy hunting >
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