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First off I have to tell you that you can remove half your memory as the version of windows 7 you have cannot use more then 4mb of Ram. this why it reports Available OS Memory: 3064MB RAM

Details of all windows releases and ram limits is below

Now the error you are getting is unusual for swtor to say the least.

From your Diag, you know you have 2 active sound cards ? Realtek and sound blaster , conflict maybe a possibility.

In the first instance can you do a clean boot and see if this crash still occurs
The most common cause of the "memory could not be read error" is normally another program interferring.
programs like mumble as an example have done this in the past.

It is worthwhile doing a chkdsk c: /f and a sfc /scannow with a command prompt as administrator.
if errors are found swap your memory sticks around you have an un-used set in there already
Ok...I removed the Realtek drivers, did a chkdsk and snannow, done a cleat boot, and I am STILL getting this issue.

I thought I had it fixed when I made a new toon on a different server and it started up fine immediately after creation, but then when I logged out and tried to go back in.....BAM! Same thing. Crash to desktop with no error message at all....just my wallpaper.