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02.07.2013 , 06:35 PM | #245
Okay, now I am pissed off!

I called CS, FOR A FOURTH TIME, only to be told my ID had been sent but nothing has been done. I was then transfered to the next tier up, only to be placed on hold for OVER AN HOUR! I finally had to hang up in order to take care of other matters. It wasn't even two seconds after I hung up, that I got an email stating...

"We’ve responded to your query on the matter after you have calld us back on our Phone Support Hotline [my ticket number here] – and we are now closing this ticket as a duplicate."

Oh, really? YOU DID NOT RESPOND! You simply placed me on hold until I could no longer stay on the phone. This has got to be the WORST customer service I have ever experienced!

Other gaming companies I have dealt with were able to fix my issues within 24-48 hours. Even when I did have to send in a photo ID!

I want to know EXACTLY what is being done, and soon. If it means I have to call you people multiple times a day, so be it. If I have to submit multiple tickets a day, so be it. I will annoy the living crap out of this company until I have some answers!
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