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What would also be interesting and preferable, should they decide to make this content available only post-50 (which isn't something I necessarily find agreeable) is that the romance companions discuss some of your character's past actions/motivations in some of the romance scenes, as reasons for (or against (as in spite of)) the relationship. Not in a total "I wasn't gay before I met you" (but of course, all current romances in this game are hero-sexual, would Quinn really want to marry that many alien women, regardless of their status as a Lord?) but more of a "you're an interesting person, here's why" and also, largely, to get around the idea that same-sex romances and relationships are only about the 'fade to black' - a view prevalent among those who argue against this content.
That's really what made Bioware games stand out to me in the past. Their characters were always multidimensional, and they had room to evolve. Look at Zhevran for instance. In the beginning, he's like "Yeah, whatever, let's go" when you flirt with him, he's not used to anything else, but the further the story progresses, he's getting more and more dedicated to the Warden. Or Fenris and Hawke, different approach, but great too: You can friend-romance Fenris or fiend-romance him, and he reacts differently, depending on your choices. He evolves too, from distrusting Hawke to eventually trusting him. I love that. That's what makes chars interesting, having choices and character development. I'd just wish they'd be able to put an inkling of that into SWTOR. They do need to speed up the story implementation process for that matter though, definitely.

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I like this idea
Everyone here has their 'favorites' as far as current romanceable companions go and it would be nice to get to pick which ones you want to do (or not...there are plenty of female companions I have no interest in romancing). Plus, it would avoid the issue of some classes not having an SGRA for a given gender. Right now, each class has at least one male/female OGRA option so I don't see why the same can't happen for SGRA.
I do agree that I would ultimately prefer this done via additional story content vs. tweaking existing dialog. Though, the we'd have to wait for a major story (and companion story) update I'd assume. I can wait and use headcanon in the meantime but I'm hoping it (along with more story content in general) won't take years.
Absolutely. Fully agree. Like, for the smuggler for instance, it would make total sense if Corso became available for SGR 50+. He's young and foolish and his relationship with my Captain grows closer and closer. I wouldn't really mind so much if he became available for SGR only 50+, if eventually at least some companions get made SGR compatible from the beginning. And preferably all of them at one point in time, for maximum choice, as mentioned. I agree, there are companions I wouldn't romance, even if available. But to give us the choice to decide, that's definitely what devs should strive for, imo.