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I know it is a difficult concept to seize but let's try it slowly: R O T A T I O N.

What's the obstacle to 24 people from various guilds who banded together to do it again and rotate? In three weeks each member would do secret boss twice and even some guilds would step up this way to 16M ops for good.

It's the matter of succesful mindset to see opportunity where others see obstacles, that's why some will keep winning and some keep failing, easy as that.
So make up for biowares mistake by farming out more essences to buff DT then wait another 30 mins for respawn so someone from the group of 8 sitting can get the item and then find 8 more people that didn't even help out with DT to kill entity?
Still sucks for some folks because you either have to wait and try to get a 2nd group formed for DT or 8 people are getting screwed. One would think bioware would balance 10 stack DT to a 16m raid so the same 16m raid could go knockout the entity right after.
Also, can carnage or another guild that eventually kills 10 stack check to see if you can summon the entity in 8m tfb too please? Just curious if its a 16m only deal.
Its hard enough getting 16 on to do a raid tougher to find 24.