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1) Having a requirement for inviting someone along to a raid is fine.
2) Any number is largely arbitrary because it doesn't take into account differences between classes.

Personally, if I was asked about a minimum mainstat for PUG DPS in a SM TFB/EC run, I'd have gone with about 1800 as well. However, if someone said to me "I only have 1500 mainstat but I'm optimized and augged for power" I'd be more than happy to take them along. They've shown they know something about their class and have put work into their gear.

Parses aren't useful since most people don't do them. Until you hit an enrage timer its reasonable to assume you are doing fine and there is little need to look at what your numbers are actually like. Even amongst those who do parse, I'm more interested in awareness and game understanding. If someone comes to me and says "I can push 2000 DPS" I'm still more likely to take the person above who said they were geared for power since they've shown an understanding of their class (whether or not I agree with their gearing is different) and that they've put a degree of effort into their toon.

Onto Sentinels/Maras: Both the best and worst DPS players I have encountered are Sentinels. Yes, the class is capable of pushing the highest numbers in the game and brings Inspiration, but it also attracts the biggest derps in the game. If someone says "I'm a Sent" it makes me more hesitant to bring them, not more likely.

Honestly though, most of that is irrelevant. I'll invite the first person to whisper me. If I notice their HP is abnormally low (or high) I'll inspect their gear and look into it further. If I don't like what I see I'll have a quick chat with them and if they can show me they know what they're doing I'm happy to take them but I'll ask them to leave if they're giving us issues (ie enrages/standing in stupid), otherwise I ask them to step out.
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