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A few days ago I was in a pug doing EV HM. We wiped once at each of the first two bosses, mostly due to some dps dying early. That should have been a hint for me to leave it at getting the weekly done, but I failed to take it and stayed in the group to try and complete the operation. That was a bad mistake.

We got to the pylons and figured out the solutions. There was much confusion about who should press and what though, resulting in hitting enrage after solving just the first set of wheels. Second try went without a hitch after making the tactics clear.

Infernal council was surprisingly easy and we beat it on the first try. Only one person needed guidance to find his proper opponent.

And then we engaged Soa. The first two phases were easy enough and we didn't even have much trouble descending. But in the last phase we consistently hit enrage before getting the boss killed. Our off tank didn't have a clue of how to deal with the falling pyramids, so every time the main tank was trapped we'd miss at least one. DPS wasn't paying attention to what was happening, didn't attack traps quickly (more than once I got to kill one almost alone despite it being called in chat) and continued attacking traps when Soa's shield went down.

After three hours since starting the operation and three failed attempts at downing Soa it was rather late and several people, including me, had to go to bed.

Mind you, the group was geared somewhere between Rakata and Campaign on average. We had more than enough damage to kill all the bosses before hitting enrage. On the rare occasion when all DPS did notice the mind trap, its HP melted in just a few seconds. But despite being overgeared and some of us (me, main tank, healers) knowing their jobs, the average lack of skill was too much for us to beat the operation.

I won't be doing any full ops in a pug for a while if I can avoid it.