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You are still setting an imaginary level of gear/skill/experience that will leave some out that would be a asset and includes some that will be a hindrance to the group. The same as someone that set an arbitrary number, your way is more personal, nicer and most likely will net you better players most of the time.
What's your point? That's obvious. The difference is that how much mainstat you have says absolutely nothing without taking class and gearing choices into account, so it's a 100% useless metric. It's like looking for forwards for your new football team and only looking at how many goals they've scored without taking into account if it was in the world cup or during the lunch break at school.
It's about as accurate as flipping a coin every time someone whispers you to decide if they can come or not.

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However, it is also way slower. While I applauded you for seeming to be a very good raid leader, still there is nothing wrong with the other way either. Neither way is fool proof and your way is more time consuming, something that this space bar community does not deal with very well at times.
No, it really isn't.
"Hi, can I come?"
"How much mainstat do you have?"

"Hi, can I come?"
"What's your gear like and have you done it before?"
"Mostly rakata with some columi, and I've done it in HM on my main"