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Way I see it, the Republic is larger and more established, thus stronger economically. But the Sith can counter this with practices such as slavery, which equates to near round-the-clock free labour.

The average Sith is also, arguably, stronger than your average Jedi. This is due to the fact that, if you are a weak Sith, you will die. Period. As a Jedi, they get all sorts passing through bar the weakest/most inept.

I would say the Sith have the better military. Initially the Sith army outnumbered the Republics, but now I would say they are numerically even. However, I would argue that the Sith army as a whole is more disciplined and better trained. However! The Republic have the best Special Forces.

Fleet-wise I would say that they are on par. Perhaps the Sith Fleet has an edge, taking into account the Sith Inquisitors Storyline...
"Weakling! You will never reach your potential if you falter at the slightest obstacle. Beyond that wall lies your destiny. Beyond that wall lies the full power of the dark side. If you do not have the strength to reach it, then you do not deserve to become a Sith sorcerer!"