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The only problems this server seems to have is a lack of low/mid tier start up rateds teams. If a lot of the newer and smaller guilds would play rateds this place would seems more complete, to me anyway.
Well I dont think anyone wants to queue without augments, the best gear possible, and the perfect team composition. If you wanna have a chance at winning, get the best gear possible etc.

Cavell I rerolled here and left 4 50s alone until transfers, I know your pain to reroll without your main 50s but I'm not gonna let it bother me. My motivation was lack of competition in PvP, specifically imp side on my old server and I wanted more frequent OPvP and this server seems to provide just that. I'm currently leveling my jug and I see OPvP left and right while I'm leveling, I enjoy getting ganked and taking on 2 pubs, 2v1, I love the challenge. I decided to get into PvP in this game again and I will do just that. I plan to level 3 more 50s before the expansion. Leveling really doesn't take that long, it may be a yawning experience sometimes but just level and take a break in between.