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02.07.2013 , 02:30 PM | #244
I have so many questions about That FAQ if mr. naugor could explain in more details what's happening with all this.

1-I bought many cartel coins several times. If I can't but anymore cartel coins after my 24 hours, is it due to the fact that I'm trying to buy again and my purchase failed?

2- If I'm locked, your advices is to call the company, am I going to wait several hours for getting no good answers and then staying locked again like many of those people who try to resolve this problem?

Because you know, I speak french, I can't talk in english, so I have to pay that call to France. Your response is, it is not our problem, you have to call the service because we cannot change any confidential information about your account payment etc. I agree, but yes it is also your problem if I'm your client, I'm a part of your company. If I'm not. This philosophy will no longer stay because it's going to be a time bomb you know. So as a result, I'm gonna pay something that I don't want to because there was no SIGN or info about this limit to pay cartel coins. So who's the fault? Jesus?