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i find it funny that some folks will say things like RWZ too competetive, but is this not what premades are doing to the regular warzone queue? many of these same people are defending the roflstomping of pugs, so why the complaint here?

I still believe that most people want to roflstomp. yes you have a few that will 'want good competetion', but those folks are usually the roflstompers saying that. When most folks get severe competition in rwz, they dont want to 'suck it up and get better teamwork/skills'. They want to be be competitive NOW without the pains of learning/growing. Then these folks run to the regular queue and rampage through pugs to feel better about themselves. Then run to the forum to defend their regular pug queue roflstomping, but then whine that rwz is TOO competitive they dont want to be roflstomped.

but this rant aside, i wish Bioware would do the same GuildWars 1 did: allow a taped-delayed copy of the entire WZ, so people can watch different matches a day later or something. People can learn from this, and its a good way to pass the time while waiting for wzs to pop or doing other stuff..

I am not saying that it is too competitive. I am saying that it is too hardcore, as in too effort and time consuming for most players to participate.

For example, there is a Sharpshooter gunslinger player in my guild who is very good in PvP. He could top even the most bad-*** Pyrotechs and Marauders on the server in damage and kills in regular warzone, and keep these OP people in check. He PvPs everyday at least for an hour a day since the game was released. However, he only did like 6 RWZ since it was introduced, because on weekdays, he spends 9 hours working, 3 hours commuting, 8 hours sleeping, and 2 hours with family. Then he only got 2 hours of the day left, which he plays SWTOR for at least 1 hour. He plays more on the weekend, but the RWZ times on my server are Monday and Wednesday nights (coordinated by players of the server), so he is pretty much barred from consistent RWZ participation. However, he joins other guild members in a 4-man premade a lot for regular WZ, because it is so much easier to do. All he needs to do is a shout-out for PvP on guild chat, and a premade is created in seconds and they start queuing.

I am sure that there are a lot of players out there with a schedule of daily life like him, and that they would like to play more but just canít because of real life responsibilities. Afterall, this is a game. My point is that limiting WZ to 8-man que only severely limits its availability to most players, and that in turn, kills RWZ participation and activity. By opening RWZ to 4-man group ques too, will allow more players to participate in RWZ because it is much easier to make a 4-man group and que than to make a 8-man ops and que. This will increase RWZ participation and activity all the time around.