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Quote: Originally Posted by Xerain View Post
How do you practice in an empty warzone? Seriously? You can do that in regs.
Ok I'll bite.

1. You say that since other MMOs have specific class requirements for end game PvP that it's ok for TOR to have the same. I can't argue against that if you're fine with poor game mechanics.

2. You ask what is wrong with requiring 8 people for end game pvp? It's a combination of many things. You need 8 people in a group first off, 2nd each of the 8 have to have the correct class/spec, 3rd each of the 8 need to meet the gear requirements, 4th each of the 8 need to be on at the same time, 5th they require all of those things but on other teams, 6th at least one of those teams has to have 8 others currently online (and queuing). Say 3 teams are queuing, two teams get in a RWZ, the 3rd team has to wait and hope they get chosen for the next match, but they don't know if there will be a next match. Then people log or do other things in game. I could go on but you get the point in why it's limiting in it's design.

3. You say what's wrong with voice coms? Personally I don't think there is anything wrong with them. I simply said it's limiting that a video game requires it's players to use other companies software (and no I'm not talking Windows/etc.). They could create an in game voice chat to allow voice communication even in pugs. Take away the hurdles (even the simple ones) and it will increase game play.

4. You're saying there is nothing wrong with having no new pvp content for end game. I don't know if I understand your point. I think you're saying that it's fine there is no new content for end game, I'm just not sure why anyone would be ok with that. Having no new content but calling it "end game" is limiting.

5. You say there are plenty of people who want to pvp? Duh. Of course there are, where did you see me say otherwise?

6. You say two good teams that stalemate in instanced pvp aren't coordinated because one can't "wipe" the other? Are you under the impression that in RWZs one team has to wipe the other to win? I don't believe you think that.

7. You say there is a guild vs guild mechanic in RWZs. I know what you are suggesting but, really haha? You are going to stand by your statement that TOR is designed with a guild vs guild mechanic built in?

8. You say you can practice your RWZ team in regs. This makes me think you don't even pvp in this game, but I know you do. How do you practice your 8 man team strats in groups of 4? Answer, you can't.

I know you're being standoffish and defending TOR, but you can't seriously believe the RWZ system they put in place is adequate for an active pvp base. 6 months of pre-season? Like I said in my previous post, it is limited.
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