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the design of ranked is flawed. it (like other aspects of TOR pvp) is extremely limiting.

-certain classes are needed to compete
-certain classes are not welcome aka, cannot compete

Both these you can find being a problem in any MMO with a competitive environment.

-requires 8 people

Whats wrong with this?

-requires products outside of what TOR offers (vent/teamspeak/etc, yes free but still, limiting)

Whats wrong with using voice comms? The PvE'ers do it too should we make pve easier (the it already is in this) because of that?

-same WZs as pug matches, aka not offering new game side content

Whats wrong with that? With regs you can get a basic Idea and strats down for each map.

-need other groups of 8 to be available (or want to queue)

And? There are plenty of people out there who want to pvp.

-two teams fighting over a 3rd tower in civil war for 20min doesn't simply mean they are both "good", it means the game mechanic is flawed.

No it doesn't. Just because neither team can be coordinated enough to wipe the other doesn't make it a flawed game mechanic.

-no guild vs guild mechanic

Sure there is. Each guild can queue for rateds or queue sync. Guild wars would be nice though.

-no "practice/empty" WZs for new teams that want to start queuing
How do you practice in an empty warzone? Seriously? You can do that in regs.