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How feasible is it to rip mods out of end game gear and use it in the orange gear I have been levelling in?

I just hit 50 with my Sentinel yesterday and I've picked up the Tionese gear from fleet using my 99 comms, but I hate the look of it. Plus it was a fair bit of time and effort to aquire the look I wanted with my orange gear, and I really don't want to have to give it up.

What I really want to know is if I rip the mods out of this gear what do I really lose, other than the set bonus? The set bonus itself doesn't appear particularly important, but maybe I'm missing the point - is it really that beneficial? Also, does anything change when you start bringing Columi and Rakata into the equation?

I don't mind making things slightly more difficult for myself by not using the very best gear set-up available to me. But I'm in an active guild and don't really want to be hampering the group's chances on FPs and Operations if I can help it. Or even worse, be denied the chance to do some end-game stuff if I stick with the oranges, because it's simply not good enough. Swapping the mods back and forth depending on the situation isn't an option, way too expensive to do that!
You only lose the set bonus (I don't know anything about Marauders/Sentinels so I don't know whether that's a bad thing or not) and that doesn't change until the Campaign gear, where the set bonus is then tied to the armouring, not the armour shell. My Agent and Sorcerer healers run around in a fair bit of orange/non-set pieces and I've not had any problems because of it. Also orange gear is not inherently worse than the tier gear - if your guild is preventing you from entering progression raids because you're wearing a bikini top instead of robe-fluttering-whatever, then, well, they need to rethink their gear requirements.