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17. How are we holding to our six week promise for game updates?
Jeff: I think it is going great right now. If you have being watching in the past 4-5 months we talked pretty aggressively about keeping to a 6-8 weeks schedule for updates and I think we hit that pretty darn good. It is diffcult, let me just put it that way. The development process to stay at quality can be very diffcult in that short amount of time.
We might have a 9 week over the holidays just because we actually let our guys spend a little time because last year we were all here. I think we will have a 9 week between the next update before the holidays and the update after that. But we should be back to 6-8 week updates after that. I see no reasons in the future that we won’t stay on that. We will keep trying to 6 but for the sake of quality go to 8 if we need to.
So ignoriert man Hohlnüsse. Damit sich Trolling nicht mehr lohnt, ihr Fleischsäcke!