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Hey: I've been with SWToR since early headstart, that's right, I'm a Founder..(kidding)
Anyway, I was away from the game for a few months..I returned a little while ago(weeks)
I have 3 50's. The rest I had from the game really helped put the love back for it.

I left before adaptive gear came out, or I missed or someting. But Im not sure I understand how it works.
Also, the gear I see on the Cartel Market, can I buy that, for the looks, and get it up to par stat wise somehow?
I was in a WZ today and saw folks in all kinds of different looking gear, obviously from the market.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks.
In Patch 1.3 "adaptive" gear was added to the game.

This is what the patch note says:
•Some gear (Custom social gear, in most cases) has been flagged as "Adaptive." This gear determines its armor type based on the best armor the player or companion wearing it can equip. Tooltips for adaptive gear have been reworked to make it easier to compare armor values (given that it may have different armor values for you and your companion).
In essence "adaptive" gear is gear that can be worn by any class independantly of what their armor class is (Light, Medium or Heavy) and the gear then scales to the highest armor class the character can use. Adaptive gear is also generally an "empty shell" (there are some exceptions in the Cartel Market) in that they contain no Armoring, Mod or Enhancements. The gear can be kept up to date by inserting/updating mods in the gear (the Armoring determines the "rating" of the gear).

So, imagine that you purchase the "Formal Set" from the Social vendor on Coruscant/Kaas City with your character Toony. If Toony is a Consular, when he equips the Formal Set it will act like Light armor and you can place Willpower mods in it. If Toony is a Smuggler, when he equips the Formal Set it will act like Medium armor and you can place Cunning Mods in it. If Toony is a Trooper, when he equips the Formal Set it will act like Heavy armor and you can place Aim Mods in it.

All the gear that you can purchase from the Cartel Market is Adaptive gear (with the exception of the weapons, of course ) and can be used by any class.

Hope that answers your question.
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