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problem is might be sometimes the invisible bug... i have seen it happen on huttball and stuff like this, or i guess while he is planting failing thro the floor that can happen also.
I have read people say that for almost a year now,i have sat there and watched and tried to target assasins that sit there and plant the bomb and there is nothing i could do,and every time it is only assasins,i find it odd that i cant recreate this with my FOUR stealth classes and one my main in the over 22k kills i have done and easily planting the bomb a hundred times,i have fallen through the floor once and that was in a hutball,so i beg the question why is it one class seems to fall through the floor in one wz at one certain spot? seems to me some people know of some glitch and exploit it,because trust me i have done the smuggle plant etc in the past and that wasnt it.