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So, if we're making suggestions (although I consider the suggestion forum to be the best place for this and I've already contributed there, see sig), my suggestion would be to make every companion that's already romanceable available to the other gender. And I don't mean by gender switch turned off, but through story.
I like this idea

Everyone here has their 'favorites' as far as current romanceable companions go and it would be nice to get to pick which ones you want to do (or not...there are plenty of female companions I have no interest in romancing). Plus, it would avoid the issue of some classes not having an SGRA for a given gender. Right now, each class has at least one male/female OGRA option so I don't see why the same can't happen for SGRA.

I do agree that I would ultimately prefer this done via additional story content vs. tweaking existing dialog. Though, the we'd have to wait for a major story (and companion story) update I'd assume. I can wait and use headcanon in the meantime but I'm hoping it (along with more story content in general) won't take years.

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It would be nice to see the one-night-stand options, like Pierce, given a more fleshed out and in-depth romance. Also, for padawans like Ashara and Jaesa, if they do make them available for SGRA's, it should be done in such as way as not to present lesbianism as the "corruption" of something otherwise "pure", because I can imagine that being all too easy an option for the writers. "Oh? Dark side Sith lesbian lady wants some action with her padawan-come-apprentice? Ok, let's go with the manipulative, lesbians=darkness approach. That's not offensive AT ALL."
Well, with Ashara


With Jaesa