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You can't compare pve and pvp progression at all. By definition pvp will always be more dynamic ( this sentence sums up all your points) . If you plan on starting a ranked team you should know and expect to lose a lot until you get the experience and learn strategies ,setups and how to counter these setups.

The best thing you can do is queue up do your best and learn from your mistakes. Try to see why did you lose , the reasons can be gear , skill , tactics or team composition . If you can't do that or don't have the time to do it then you shouldn't do RWZ at all or at least expect to win a match. That's how life works, people that are dedicated succeed, people that don't put the effort will most likely fail.

Furthermore BW has catered to casual players quite a lot regarding pvp. Giving out incredible easy to play classes ( pyro pt and smashers). They also give out basically free gear , which you can get with little effort compared to how it was before.

If you want casual , stick to normal wz and story mode ops.
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