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02.07.2013 , 09:51 AM | #3
this games pvp is based around 8 v 8

you cannot lower the number it will make people impossible to kill.
make it puggable and dice it all together
they have made it so there is no reason to play ranked other then to be competive ie trade coms + ewh being a total fix of what 5 main stat - 8 end - 3 sub stat - 2 sub stat per main piece.. hardly nescessary

while i agree its ******** that its classist to the degree where only the easist classes to play are generally accepted
i mean nobody can say bubble pyro smash or op heals even requires an ounce of brain power.

bioware simply have dug themselves into a deep and frankly, horrible hole with no way out but to decrease the time to kill even further by buffing everyone.

most of this is due to everyone being massive whingers about nerfs

but by the looks of the expansion leak everyones just going to get completely raped anyway

so who gives a whoop about balance the games pvp is rooted the pve is too easy to the point they have to nerf the operations cause to many people are keyboard turners and mouse clickers

find ranked too hard? you dont need to do it! problem solved, im sure most of the best teams could roll 8 shadows and still rape 3/4 of the others
ranked is for the hardcore. 4 man premades are for the casuals