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Also, all this is off-topic anyway. Instead of debating the topic, we're always ending up talking about certain people and I don't assume that's interesting for anyone outside of this thread to read. It isn't for me, certainly, but I'm not all innocent when it comes to this, I know.

I'd suggest we commit ourselve to staying on topic and ignoring posts (or posters) that move us off-topic. Maybe that helps us getting a fluid conversation going again.

So, if we're making suggestions (although I consider the suggestion forum to be the best place for this and I've already contributed there, see sig), my suggestion would be to make every companion that's already romanceable available to the other gender. And I don't mean by gender switch turned off, but through story.

I know it's the most work-intensive suggestion of them all, but it's the only one, at the end of the day, I consider fair. And it's the maximum choice option, which is always good.
I was under the impression that this thread was the suggestion thread for it. No idea why it's not in Suggestion Forum or even started there. Unless this thread is about just saying "Yes I want it." but then wouldn't thread die because isn't bumping a thread just to bump it against forum rules (I don't actually know, but I know it's a common rule on game forums).

Suggestions none of us seem to have made (and I admit I could have missed these suggestions) is suggesting actual storylines for the companions. Yes, most posters in this thread want SGR, but what are we looking for?

Example! Male SI and Andronikus can get into a fight with each other! Fists start flying! They're rolling around on the ground, they both get excited, their lips accidently touch, they stare at each other as they realize they like it and then the scene fades to black and the next thing you know you're in the SI's room on the ship (good time to go the shirtless route with the scene) and that can kick off the romance!